The log structure of the cabin is estimated to be from the early 1800’s and purchased in Brandenburg KY. The cabin was disassembled and brought to Madison IN. There it was power washed, missing logs replaced and reassembled on the ridge. The front addition used to be a early 1900’s corn crib that came from Jefferson county IN. The huge Indian field stone fireplace is from one of the first “mud and straw” houses built in Jefferson County and was also relocated to the cabin site. The kitchen cabinets, wood and peg hinges were all handcrafted. The metal roof and plaster walls were reproduced to look like they are over 150 years old. Even the wood for the floors, stairs, and walls were reclaimed in order to replicate an authentic log cabin. The entire project; cabin, wood shed, landscaping and pond took over 4 years to complete. Everything in the cabin has been specially hand picked from Francines years of collecting antique and vintage items.

I invite you to come and enjoy this piece of history, “Work of Art”, one of a kind log home. Francines Log Cabin truly a unique lodging experience.